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Getting someone to open an email, become interested in a new product and ultimately buy is not an easy feat. In this article, we’ll go over a few tips for writing emails leading up to a launch, including tips for writing emails to other people’s (JV partners’ and affiliates’) lists.

Building Excitement

The most important part of building excitement is to phrase what you’re doing as something that nobody’s ever done before.

In other words, the more you can make your product sound like it solves a long-neglected problem and the more you can make it sound one of a kind, the more click-throughs and sales you’ll make.

Use power words liberally. Be unabashed in talking about the benefits of your new product, especially as the launch date approaches.

At other times throughout the relationship with your list, you might want to hold back to avoid burning out your list. In a product launch, however, you want to sell as much as you can.

Think of delivering content as putting “deposits” in your reader’s trust bank. The key, in the long run, is to make many deposits and few withdrawals. A product launch is a withdrawal, however, so make it your goal to achieve as many sales with that withdrawal as possible.

Conveying Urgency

The other crucial component of writing launch emails is urgency. Even if users get really excited about your product, they probably won’t buy immediately unless there’s a good reason for them to do so.

Always emphasize that the offer is time or quantity limited. Keep reminding them of the fact and drill into them that it’s urgent for them to act right now.

Writing for Other People’s Lists

The most important component of writing for other people’s lists is to build trust and credibility. The first time you’re introduced to someone else’s list, you have almost no credibility and need to work your way up from scratch.

One of the best ways to do this is to leverage the existing trust with the list owner.

If possible, have the list owner write the emails and endorsements. If they’d prefer, you can write those emails in their names and just have them edit it until they feel comfortable putting their name on it.

If you can get people to believe in you as much as they believe in the list owner, then the sales process becomes much easier.

If you can convey both excitement and urgency while getting people to trust and believe in you, you’ll have a sure-fire formula for success. Ramp the vibe of the emails up over time, with the language and copy getting stronger and more urgent the closer it gets to the actual launch date.

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